Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm "green with envy" over these rooms...

I love the color green.  From chartreuse to forest green, there's a hue for everyone.  It's the color of life -- nothing gives me more joy than the appearance of the first green crocus shoots sprouting up from the cool earth signaling springs arrival.  In home decor, green adds energy and warmth to a space.  It pairs well with many colors including navy, yellow, white, orange, purple, peach, lavender, pink and brown -- and you can use dark or light woods and all the metallics, so it's very versatile.  If an entire green room is not your thing, you can still enjoy it by adding some green covered pillows, a green velvet ottoman, or matting your favorite black and white photos or artwork in green with black frames.  

Here are some of my favorite green rooms...

A fabulous use of green as an accent in the sofa pillow border, artwork and rug.  And a gorgeous example of how well green works with metallics -- I want that chrome coffee table!

Amazing green room.  The gorgeous peach silk curtains and white upholstered furniture keep the formal style airy and comfortable. 

I want to live in this room! I love the eclectic style and use of rich patterns and textures that make this room sophisticated and quirky at the same time. 

A beautifully tailored and open room that uses subtle green tones to add interest and warmth.

Wow!  A fantastic punch of green with dark wood furniture, black fireplace mantle and gilded mirror.  I get an immediate rush from looking at this room.  

This is a lively green that pops even more when viewed as part of this fun vignette of colorful ties and artwork.  The white ceiling and wainscotting keep it from being too dark and busy.

You can never go wrong with handpainted wallpaper, but when you do it in a fabulous light olive green like this, you'll never tire of it...

I have an affinity for laquered walls, and I love this olive color.  It's sophisticated and chic and works beautifully with the antique french mahogany and leather chair.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  The green walls and sofa could easily overwhelm a poorly designed room, but in this room, the use of a mirrored fireplace wall as well as neutral modern tables, a large white-bordered painting, silverleaf mirror and crystal chandelier help to ground the room.  The beautiful red wood floors break up the color and add interest.  An amazing room!

Tangy, quirky, spicy -- that's how I see this room and definitely not for the faint of heart...

One of my all-time favorite green rooms done by Sheila Bridges, one of the most talented interior designers in the industry today.  This is the room I want to create in my own home some day. 
Simply beautiful...

A chic and modern room that's beautiful to look at and comfortable to be in.  Although there's a lot of green in here, the white keeps it clean and open.  Lovely.

de Gournay handpainted wallpaper and orange velvet dining chairs.  There's nothing more to say.

Have a lovely green day...

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