Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Antique Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchens are easily one of our favorite places in the home; they're inviting, great for entertaining, can be designed in a variety of styles and color schemes, and can instantly turn your kitchen into a spectacular gathering place. With the huge variety of kitchen styles to choose from, we thought you might enjoy being inspired by some of the most beautiful ones we've found.

Old world-style kitchens have unique characteristics that come from an earlier period in history. Whether you opt for authentic pieces or modern reproductions, the distinctive feature of this style brings an appreciation of age, beauty and warmth to any traditional home.

Old wood, aged paints and finishes, hardwood floors, and kitchen cabinet styles that resemble antique furniture can be incorporated to accomplish this style.

In the kitchen above, the refrigerator and freezer are built into a custom wood cabinet that looks like a French armoire that's become a "fridge" armoire.   It's fabulous!  Choosing just the right lighting, faucets, cabinet handles, and flooring help pull together this French country-style kitchen.

Something to keep in mind is that old artwork, dishes, chairs, and beautiful chandeliers can instantly give your kitchen some old world charm and take it from drab to fab!

For a more subtle approach, interior designers will often combine old furniture with new pieces in order to keep it warm but fresh.  You can use old furniture to create a kitchen island (one of my other favorite elements of a kitchen!), a kitchen desk, a drinks cart or an old china hutch to add more character.

We hope these photos and ideas will inspire you to create your own personal old-world kitchen with lots of unique pieces that make it perfect for you.   We leave you with a few more photos of antique-style kitchens we love, and stay tuned for more fun ideas from Verdigris!

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