Sunday, March 13, 2011


When I was a girl, my favorite candy was bazooka gum.  I loved the deep pink color of the gum and the super sweet taste as I chewed it for all of 5 minutes before the sweetness was gone and all I could do was blow big beautiful pink bubbles that would eventually pop and spread all over my nose.   Later in life, as I grew into a young woman, the closest thing in color to the bubble gum pink I loved was that bottle of pepto bismo I kept in the back of my medicine cabinet for those nights when I ate, drank and enjoyed myself a little too much.  The color pink, and in my case fushia pink, has always been a source of pleasure and fun for me. 

I never considered using pink as a decorative element in any of the homes I've lived in. Just wasn't sure how I'd feel about sitting in a pink room, or being surrounded by pink things, for any length of time. But the more I see the color used in decor, in all its pretty variations, the more I think I'll try it some time. Perhaps I won't do an entire room in pink, but I would definitely do an accent wall or paint some furniture in a deep, rich pink.

Here are some of the fabulous ways designers have used pink to cheer up a space. I hope these bring a little fun to your day...

This is how I'd do pink.  A little hint of pink on the walls with green (my favorite color) as an accent.  I love the chinoiserie cabinet and beautiful green vases against the soft pink walls.  I would leave out the pink rug and stuffed animals, but otherwise, I love this vignette.

A charming way with pink. Love the way they used a very traditional victorian sofa painted white with an updated modern fabric and then paired the different pinks with gilded tables and a gorgeous candelabra floor lamp.  Really chic and fun!

A beautiful sanctuary.  I can image myself waking in this bed with the beatiful light of day shining on my face.  Glorius...

So pretty.  A little Laura Ashley meets Morocco.  Exotic and sophisticated.

I love the bright and brilliant tones of pink in this room.  The black fireplace and wood table help to tone things down and make the room a bit more serious.

Just charming!  Love the fushia wall with the lovely white vanity and stool. 
A room any girlie girl would love...

Another lovely use of pale pink walls.  Works beautifully with the red toile fabric, dark wood furniture and beautiful oriental carpet.  Lots of old world charm.

Fabulous and chic.  Love how the pink sofas pop and against all the neutral tones.  

This is how you do an entry.  That pink above the wainscott is gorgeous and so sophisticated with the black wall brackets, white chair with black and white flamestich upholstery and gold accents.  Definitely a do!

I think I'll try this at my cabin.  The pink walls with that subtle grey on the doors and wainscott gives this room a cozy feel that also sophisticated.  Sort of a feminine lodge look.

Modern and eclectic.  Love the pink chair with the zebra rug and green vases.  A very fun room.

Wow!  Austin Powers meets Jonathan Adler.  I love the colors in this room.   Although it's quite bright, the white walls and floor bring balance to the saturated pallate.   Lots of punch with the fushia, orange, green and red accents.  I'd loose the pink poodles, but I love everything else.

Amazing.  Love the all white furniture, floors and walls and then the pop of color you get from the 
 billowy pink drapes and pink entry and door.  

Modern, earthy, comfortable.  The pink chair brings a little fun to an otherwise neutral pallette.

All this pink has made me thirsty, so I think I'll have a pink drink at this lovely rooftop cafe (that's got a little pink going for it too)...

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Photo credit:  house beautiful, decorpad, tudorks, sunnygoode.


The Zhush said...

Now I'm tickled too! Love the Amanda Talley painting...big fan of her work! said...

Loved your tickled pink post.
Just did a pink room for a showhouse you can see on
The Bene the pink!