Monday, July 4, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

I love mirrors, not because I'm vain (although I think a little vanity is healthy), but because they make such an impact in any room you place them.  Mirrors are so versatile, they're the one decorative element in a room that takes up little space but has amazing impact.  A well placed mirror can make a small room seem larger, a dark room brighter, or transform a plain room into something chic and inviting. 

Antique, modern, vintage -- the style or period doesn't matter.  Just use them in every room and see how fabulous they make your home look and feel! 

Here are some of my favorites...

This amazing italian gilded mirror serves to tone down the beautiful zebra wallpaper and bring focus to the gorgeous limestone sink.

The gilded Louis Phillip style of this beautiful mirror is simple in design but packs a big punch!  Paired with country chic elements like distressed metal table, brass candlesticks and painted wood windsor chair, it lends importance and strength to the decor.

Love, love, love the mirror as headboard.  A great way to make a small room look grand and create a focal point to highlight the amazing detail in the mirror.  It's also a great way to create a romantic mood when the lights are low and you get the reflection in the mirror from the crystal chandelier.  

Chic and modern, this distressed mirror adds height and interest to the tablescape and pairs beautifully with the gorgeous blue walls.

Gilded bullseye mirror against laquered black walls.  It doesn't get any better than this...

A masterpiece by Tony Duquette.  Exotic shell encrusted mirror and console with chinoiserie towers.  Super fabulous!

A chic entryway with all the right stuff.  Chocolate walls, bubblegum pink sofa and fabulous gilded starburst mirror.  Gorgeous.

The fabulous gilded starburst mirror brings interest to an otherwise sedate and neutral fireplace. 

Love the symmetry of the two bullseye mirrors over the consoles in a non-traditional dining room.  Very chic and modern.

This is my dream bathroom with antique venetian mirror over wall-to-wall mirror.  A wonderful example of how beautiful a layered mirror look can be.

No discussion of mirrors in decor can be complete without the inclusion of this amazing master bathroom, the piece de resistance by famed designer Miles Redd.  It speaks for itself!

Hope you enjoyed my fantasy tour through mirrorland.  There are so many ways to create amazing rooms with mirrors, so I hope you'll put your own spin on this design element and create something that's a true "reflection" of your style.  Enjoy your week and stay tuned...

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Shane said...

Hi Ursula,
Welcome back. Love the pictures of mirrors, especially the Louis one with its aged mirror-glass. Glad to see you're back to blogging. See you soon, Shane